Our New Wedding App – Bliiss!

Last weekend we introduced our amazing wedding photo app “Bliiss” at the National Bridal Show in Toronto.

I’ve spent a lot time photographing weddings these past two years in particular and noticed the huge number of people taking pics with their smartphones. So why not an App that easily lets wedding guests capture the wedding from a thousand different perspectives and instantly upload their images to a giant interactive album for the entire wedding party to share?

I took the idea to an amazing digital marketing agency, 70 Main Street. Over the last year they designed and developed the app and we have just launched the site this past weekend. The App itself will be available in March 2013.

As a photographer one of the first questions that 70 Main Street had asked me when I approached them with the idea, was whether I felt that this App could detract from the photographer. I have since received this question many times. I feel that with accessibility to all this new technology — digital SLR cameras, iphone5 camera capabilities, the abundant focus on photo sharing, social media, over 2 billion Apps etc. — we photographers need not feel threatened, but embrace the change and find ways to use this it to bring more focus to images and the powerful way in which they make people excited!

Bliiss works WITH the professional photographer shooting the wedding. It even includes a “Pro Shooter” section where wedding photographers showcase their images as part of the App. Now, for the first time, wedding guests will actually know who the photographer is, the calibre of their work, and be able to contact him or her instantly! As a professional photographer it was important for me to see this as part of the App and Bliiss is the first to do this!

Below are some photographs from the National Bridal Show of Pro photographers that took the time to see what Bliiss can do for them.

These technologies are truly amazing, revolutionary and will continue to change the face of photography as we know it.

Please take a moment and check out the website for the wedding App Bliiss.

Like it, share it, and spread the word:)

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