A Tribute to Music: Concert Photography

I was preparing my blog today on my experiences with Concert Photography, in light of the Grammy’s tonight, when I heard the news of Whitney Houston’s passing. I am deeply saddened by the number of musically talented artists who have passed away far too young.

Music is something that moves the human spirit in ways that I cannot even begin to articulate. When I’m photographing in the pit, on site at a concert, it feels exhilerating, uplifting and is a pure adrenaline rush. I have had great opportunities to photograph some of my favourite musicians, but there are also times I am photographing concerts where I not particularly familiar with the music, or it’s not necessarily “my cup of tea”, and yet, I have always come out of the concert feeling uplifted and completely entertained. Live music is exciting! Over the past two years, I have been photographing more and more concerts and it has become one of my greatest experiences in photography. It almost never feels like work and it’s been great getting to know the other photographers, here in Toronto, covering concerts.

These musician/artists put a tremendous amount of effort and physical energy into their concerts, constantly pushing the boundaries and pushing themselves for our entertainment, they are truly talented and creative beings. Thanks to all the talented musicians out there, keep the music alive!

Whitney Houston – thanks for brining us the music, may you rest in peace.

“From the beginning, the camera and I were great friends, it loves me and I love it”                  -  Whitney Houston

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